What Types of Bento Box Carriers Do You Know?

Bento box carrier is a box specially used to hold meals, also known as bento case. There are mainly five kinds of microwave oven bento box carrier, thermal insulation bento box carrier, plastic bento box carrier, electric heating bento box carrier and folding bento box carrier. Many office workers will choose to put the prepared lunch into a bento box and heat it up in the company’s microwave oven. However, it should be noted that stainless steel bento box carriers cannot be heated in microwave ovens, because metal cannot absorb microwaves, and improper use may even cause explosions. In addition, plastic bento box carriers and lacquer bento box carriers are not suitable for heating in microwave ovens. Let’s look at the detailed knowledge introduction.

Microwave bento box carrier

The texture is thick and firm, and the operating temperature is minus 30°C to 140°C. It can be cooked on high heat in a microwave oven or refrigerated in a freezer at low temperature. The box body is generally glass-colored, clear and transparent. The bento box has a built-in small steaming rack, which provides convenience for steaming noodle products, and has a dripping function, which is used to heat oily food so that the water vapor does not moisten the food, and maintains the original taste of the food.

Insulated bento box carrier

Insulated bento boxes are bento boxes that can keep the temperature of meals. There are several types of inner pots, such as stainless steel inner pots, tempered glass inner pots, etc. Different materials have different thermal insulation properties. The one with vacuum insulation can keep it warm for 10 hours; the one with heat preservation and cold insulation can be kept for 24 hours. Aluminum bento box carrier is a professional bento box carrier for field trips. It is generally light and compact. It is not easy to rust when carrying it. In addition, it has strong plasticity and can avoid bumping. Aluminum products can be used as pots in extraordinary times. In addition, they also have functions such as lightness and portability. The aluminum one is light, reducing load, generally thinner, which conducts heat quickly, saves fuel, and is cheaper than steel products.

Plastic bento box carrier

Lunch box made of plastic. The raw materials of the plastic bento box cause the minerals and additives added in the bento box to dissolve with the water, vinegar, oil, etc. contained in the food, so it is easy to produce odors.

Electric bento box carrier

Based on the thermal insulation bento box, it is a new type of portable bento box made of electric heaters made of heating materials and connected by electrical connecting wires. Put the food to be eaten into the bento box, measure a cup of drinking water with a small measuring cup, put it into the meal box, close the top cover tightly and plug in the power supply, the heating indicator light is on, power on for 30 minutes, the heat preservation indicator light is on, the heating indicator light is off, and it is estimated Eat within half an hour. At this time, you can unplug the power supply and preheat for 20 minutes before eating. If you don’t eat it for a short time, you can continue to connect the power supply, and the food in the bento box can always keep hot. In the cold season, the heating time will be slightly extended.

Foldable bento box carrier

Specifically, it is a foldable and portable eco-friendly bento box carrier. This portable folding bento box is mainly made of hard materials, mainly including a box body and a box cover that cooperates with the box body, and a hard card for clamping the box body. The box body is composed of a box bottom and a box wall. There are creases between the box bottom and the box wall and the side of the box wall, the creases are made of flexible materials, and the cooperation of the creases enables the box body to be folded into thin sheets.

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