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In response to the customization needs of customers in different industries for wholesale bento boxes, we have developed more than 200 multi-functional bento boxes of different styles and sizes, as solutions, to provide customers with a variety of choices. Whether you are a brand owner, a supermarket or a start-up, we are your reliable lunch box supplier.

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Trusted by International Bento Box Brands & Supermarkets

With over 20 years of experience, CN CROWN has helped many companies, large and small, establish leading standards in the bento box industry. Here are some of the strategic partners we have worked with over the years.


Lunchbox purchases from qualified factories

Since its establishment in 2001, CN CROWN has developed over 200 bento box products, including single layer bento boxes, double layer bento boxes, and all-in-one salad bento boxes. Our factories are certified with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 quality and environmental management systems, which allows us to sell our products worldwide.

Factory certification

【Custom Design】: You only need to provide your requirements and ideas, the rest is left to CN CROWN design team, we will turn your design ideas into reality.
【ISO Certification】: The whole manufacturing process strictly follows the ISO9001 standard.
【Quality Assurance】: CN CROWN has set up 7 internal quality inspection positions, from raw material procurement to final product packaging.
【Authoritative Certification】: Our product quality has passed the inspection standards of international authoritative inspection organizations SGS and TUV, including EU, LFGB, FDA, etc.
【Quick Response】: Whether before, during, or after sales, our team is always able to handle your requests quickly.

Full Service Bento Box Wholesale Solutions

CN CROWN is a supplier with a full range of equipment for manufacturing bento boxes and related products. We specialize in bento box manufacturing and kettle manufacturing, providing a complete and fast service from design, manufacturing, and warehousing to delivery, ensuring our customers receive high-quality products and services in the shortest possible time.

Design Support

Our professional design team will provide customers with design solutions that meet market demand through an in-depth understanding of customer needs and market trends, helping customers to differentiate their products while saving them design costs and time.

R&D Support

R&D is one of the necessary procedures before mass production. Its purpose is to evaluate the project or product, verify the product structure, material feasibility analysis, etc. CN CROWN provides cost-effective risk control services while accelerating the speed of your project’s success.

Prototyping Support

Prototyping is used to verify and test the design and function of the product and whether it meets expectations, which can help identify problems early and reduce the risk of production costs. In addition, realistic product prototypes can provide customers with a more intuitive and tangible product experience and reduce financial risk at launch.

Quality Support

CN CROWN is very strict about quality details. As we all know, bento boxes, salad boxes and water bottles are all food contact products. We consistently use high-quality raw materials and strict production processes, regardless of the size of the order, to ensure that our products meet international food safety standards and customer expectations.

6 misconceptions tips for bento box wholesale

Plastic bento boxes, plastic salad boxes, plastic water bottles, etc. are food contact grade products, so bento box wholesalers or brands need to be very careful when sourcing and need to ensure that the suppliers they choose meet international standards or local national standards and require the suppliers to produce the appropriate certification documents to ensure the quality and safety of the final product. Here are some common sourcing misconceptions tips:

No business qualification

Companies without business qualifications may not have sufficient capital, equipment, and technology to ensure the quality of their products, which can lead to various quality problems.

Uncertified factories

If a factory is not certified, it may not be able to produce according to international or national production standards. This can result in the manufacture of products that pose serious safety hazards.

Do not support factory inspection

The reasons for not supporting factory inspection can be the following 3 points, 1. personal behavior to take orders 2. unreliable product quality 3. unqualified production environment. Regardless of which of the above points, these problems will directly affect the development of the enterprise, but also cause potential threats to the health of users.

No update

The factory may not have an intelligent management system, or there may be a lack of management and supervision within the factory, and there may not be a dedicated person responsible for updating product production progress information, resulting in the company’s information lagging behind and not being updated in a timely manner.

No quality control system

A factory without a quality control system means that the quality of the product is not guaranteed and may not meet customer requirements. This can lead to problems such as defective products and safety risks to consumers.

No after-sales service

When customers encounter problems, they cannot get timely and effective solutions, which leads to a poor experience of using the product, while customers may have less confidence in the product and brand, leading them to buy other competitors’ products, thus losing customers.

How we turn your design ideas into reality

Receive requirements and drawings

Our designers will receive your drawings and communicate with you in depth to understand your specific needs, including design, positioning and marketing. This ensures that we understand exactly what you need and expect.

Project Feasibility Analysis

Our team of engineers will use their extensive expertise to evaluate your design proposals, such as structure, function and materials. At the same time, we will give priority to your needs to ensure the feasibility of the program.

Sample Production

We will produce samples based on your confirmed proposal and keep in constant communication with you to ensure that the samples meet your needs

Production and Delivery

Once the samples are confirmed by you, we will proceed to the production and delivery phase. We will adhere to strict quality control standards to ensure the quality of the production process. Ultimately, we will deliver a quality product to you.

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