We are a professional food container manufacturer.

Providing ODM & OEM services for lunch boxes, water bottles, kitchen storage containers, and other series.

Significant strategic advantages

As a leading manufacturer in the food container industry, we have a complete supply chain, and an experienced R&D team & professional technical management team to provide professional one-stop solutions to our customers. Our strength lies in our long-term focus on the food container manufacturing industry, with over 20 years of accumulated experience, we can provide our customers with the most competitive products and services.

Unloading of plastic rice raw materials

Complete supply chain

Having a complete and well-organized supply chain is an important safeguard against problems such as supply interruptions and quality, which can reduce risks while also improving the speed and stability of product delivery, advantages that can increase a company’s competitiveness and market share.

One-stop solution for food containers

One stop solution

As experts in the lunch container industry, we offer one-stop product service support, all you need to do is tell us what you need and we can provide you with a one-stop solution from initial design and production to customized packaging and logistics distribution.

Bento box injection molding machine line

Scaled automatic production lines

The scaled-up automatic production line allows for efficient and accurate production to meet the demand for bulk orders while ensuring the quality and consistency of products, providing our new and existing customers with a satisfactory product and quality user experience.

CN CROWN Internal QC-Quality Inspection

High standard quality management system

For quality control, we have established a comprehensive quality management system, including quality policies, objectives, and processes, which is used to implement strict quality testing and assessment to ensure comprehensive and systematic quality management.

Bento box injection molding-machine line-2

Powerful manufacturing equipment support

We have more than 60 injection molding machines, more than 10 printing machines, as well as thermoforming machines, ultrasonic machines, and advanced and precise equipment such as milling machines, grinding machines, spark machines, CNC, lathes, and wire cutting machines. This equipment plays an important role in the production process and can meet the production needs and process requirements of different customers.

CN CROWN R&D Team & Design Team

R&D team with over 10 years of experience

Throughout their long-term R&D practice, our R&D team has accumulated extensive experience in the structural design, material selection, and production process of bento boxes, and are able to provide customers with more professional solutions or various technical difficulties encountered during the production process.

CNC Technology & Management

Professional technical management team

In order to continuously promote technological innovation and improve the core competitiveness of our products, we are committed to continuously introducing and training outstanding technical talents, establishing and optimizing a professional technical management team, and continuously improving the professionalism and innovation capability of the team in order to maintain competitiveness and sustainable development.

High standard laboratory-bento box tension test

Independent high standard laboratory

In order to ensure the quality and reliability of our products, we have set up a complete and independent high-standard laboratory, including an automatic vacuum sealing performance tester, wear tester, durability tester, heat tester, torque tester, bite tester, tension tester, standard color contrast light box, microwave oven, dishwasher, high-temperature tester, drop tester, low-temperature tester, etc.

 Company Strength 

8 Production Lines

60 + Injection Machines

200+ Employees

 Completed Achievements 

30+ Exported Countries

Design 200+ of products

Delivery to 40 million + units


Through continuous innovation and practice, CN CROWN has been certified by these brand owners and well-known supermarkets listed below for product quality, diversified supply chain and diverse products.in all aspects of food container manufacturing, our goal is to be a strong backbone for all our customers. By providing a professional team of fast response service and high-quality products, we help our customers to succeed in the competition quickly.

target partners


Through continuous innovation and practice, CN CROWN has been certified by these brand owners and well-known supermarkets listed below for product quality, diversified supply chain and diverse products.in all aspects of food container manufacturing, our goal is to be a strong backbone for all our customers. By providing a professional team of fast response service and high-quality products, we help our customers to succeed in the competition quickly.


Certified Food Container Manufacturer

We use high-quality raw materials and processes to manufacture high-quality recyclable plastic food containers, allowing us to offer the best quality products to all our customers. Our factory is fully equipped with advanced machinery designed to ensure that all our food container products will meet your expectations.

Wholesale Bento Boxes, Salad boxes, Water Bottles, Sauce Boxes

One stop solution for OEM & ODM lunch box projects

As a flexible manufacturer and wholesaler of OEM and ODM lunchbox projects, we can customize lunchboxes to meet your requirements on demand. Whether from prototyping to production, our professional team is able to complete it quickly and ensure consistent product quality.

CN CROWN Sales Team

Experienced and elite business team

Our team members consist of experienced industry experts who are familiar with industry trends and market needs, understand the culture and business environment of different regions, and can provide efficient and personalized service to our clients. Our team is on call 24H/ 7D, to provide solid support for our client’s business success.

CN CROWN R&D Team & Design Team

Design team with rich practical experience

Our design team can help you turn your ideas into creative, practical and market-ready products. You only need to provide the requirements of product capacity and size and leave the rest to our professional team. We will analyze the market trends and competitors, etc., and provide you with diversified design solutions.

Bento box production prototype development

Independent R&D and mold opening capabilities

Having an independent R&D team and mold opening equipment is one of our key advantages as a leading bento box manufacturer, allowing us to flexibly and quickly personalize our products from design to production according to customer needs.

Food container printer

10 sets + UV printer & cylindrical high-speed printer

Having a diverse range of printers at scale allows us to meet a wide range of printing needs for different customers, while increasing productivity and shortening production lead times, providing faster and more accurate delivery for our customers.

CN CROWN Internal QC-Quality Inspection-3

Quality control by internal QC and third-party authoritative quality inspection agencies

To ensure the quality and safety of our products, our CN CROWN QC team conducts product inspection and testing on each batch to ensure that the products meet international standards and customer requirements. At the same time, we very much welcome third-party authoritative quality inspection agencies to conduct more comprehensive product quality testing and verification of our products.

CN CROWN Free Storage Service

Free storage service

As some products have different seasonal changes in demand, we provide 1-3 months of free warehousing service to help our customers get rid of the burden of inventory. This service not only relieves customers’ capital costs but also enables them to focus more on business development and improve their competitiveness. We are committed to providing our customers with a full range of solutions to meet their diverse needs.

Why we are the best choice for wholesale bento boxes?

Whether it’s for startups or brand owners, our company has a strong ability to provide additional support to help our customers achieve greater success in the marketplace. If you are looking for a reliable bento box supplier, choose us and grow your business with us!

One-on-One Expert Consultation

For Startups

  • Customized market-differentiated products can effectively increase market share.
  • Adhere to strict CN CROWN standards to enhance customer confidence in products.
  • Professional and fast flexibility can help you meet customer needs from details and expand brand awareness.
CN CROWN Sales Team Discussion Program

For Brand Owners

  • Continuous product innovation can effectively maintain your market competitiveness in the long run.
  • High-quality and reliable products can help you accelerate the growth of customer reputation.
  • Rapidly respond to face-to-face online meetings to accelerate your project’s market penetration.

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