Factory 360 VR

1st Floor

Injection Mold Making Work Shop

We have a workshop dedicated to producing injection molds to ensure we can customize molds for any orders flexibly and quickly.

Automatic Production Workshop

Our automated production team is composed of experienced colorists, batchers, technicians, and IPQC professionals to serve high-efficiency & high-quality products.

Semi-finished Product QC Workshop

Our company’s quality inspection team consists of IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC, and has 7 positions set up to ensure the delivery of high quality products.

2nd Floor

Semi Finished Products Warehouse

Our ability to support both large & small orders and maintain an orderly delivery is due to our strong warehousing capabilities and intelligent EPR management system.
3rd Floor

UV Printing Workshop

We are here to print your food containers or water bottles and quickly bring your design ideas to life to move your project forward faster.


Before the product is delivered, we will conduct a comprehensive appearance & performance test to ensure that our products meet international standards and also meet your expectations.
4th Floor


Our reception team provides a warm and friendly welcome and meticulous arrangements for each visitor, ensuring that our customers receive attentive care and service at CN CROWN.


Here we display CN CROWN’s latest hot-selling products, as well as various international certifications, patent applications, and honors received.


Our office area on the 4th floor covers over 400 square meters and is open-plan to facilitate full team communication and collaboration. At the same time, we are equipped with user-friendly furniture to create a comfortable working environment for our employees to stimulate their creativity and potential.

Meeting Room

We have weekly meetings with different clients in order to efficiently address their needs. We also have regular internal weekly meetings for progress reports, reviews, etc. on different projects to ensure that the projects run smoothly and at the same time meet the expectations of our clients.

Live Studio

We will be broadcasting live on a regular basis with a wide variety of content, including live factory visits, introductions to the latest product launches and features, and showcasing the best sellers in each region. Feel free to follow our blog for more exciting live content.
5th Floor


We are very concerned about the health of our employees so we have hired a team of professional chefs to ensure that all our colleagues receive a balanced diet and food safety.

Finished Goods Warehouse

We are able to claim to provide customers with 1-3 months free storage services, this advantage stems from our finished product warehouse of more than 2600 square meters. Whether it is temporary storage or 3-month storage, we can meet the needs of customers to ensure the smooth running of customers’ business.
Location verified by Google Maps


Our factory address has been marked on Google Maps, you can always confirm our exact location by searching and finding. We welcome customers and partners to visit our factory and have a field trip to our production environment and facilities. You can safely rely on Google Maps for our real factory address to ensure your visit is smooth, safe and secure.

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