What Are The Main Types Of Water Bottle Plastics?

The use of plastic water bottles

In life, plastic water bottles are more suitable for family places, commonly used for containing boiling water or cold water, tea, etc. Many people have such a doubt that what types of water bottles plastic are. Here’s the answer to that question.

Types of plastic water bottles

There are a wide variety of plastic materials. PP and PC are commonly used in the production of water bottles. These two types of water bottles plastic are both light and not easy to break. The properties of these two materials have their own advantages, as follows:

1. PP (polypropylene) material

It is non-toxic, tasteless and has low density, strong heat resistance that can withstand more than 100℃. This kind of material has great toughness, fall resistance and impact resistance, and it has good dielectric performance and high frequency insulation, which is not affected by the environmental humidity. PP material is the only material that can be used in the microwave oven.

2. PC (polycarbonate) material

It has high transparency, excellent electrical insulation, extensibility, dimensional stability and chemical resistance, high strength, heat resistance and cold resistance; and it also has some advantages of self-extinguishing, flame retardant, non-toxic and colorable. PC plastic water bottles can withstand -30-140℃ temperature, which is the physical properties of the material. When we use PC plastic bottles to contain boiling water at 100℃ temperature, it will be not cracking or melting.

Through the above introduction, you may have a certain understanding of the types of water bottles plastic. If you have purchase needs, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with the best quality service.

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