The secret of Japanese outdoor eating is in these bento boxes

Anyone who knows a little bit about Japan knows that the bento culture is unique and has become a very important part of the country. Whether it’s a shopping mall, a convenience store or a train station, bento can be found almost everywhere. The variety of dishes and packaging options is beyond imagination. Many Japanese people also make their lunch boxes in the evening or in the morning, and sometimes mothers make them in the morning and bring them back to school for their children to eat. The modern bento took shape as early as the Momoyama period in Japan (around the second half of the 16th century).

In addition to the meals themselves, the culture of tableware is also very important in Japan, with each person having their own cutlery for family meals, which varies in size and colour, resulting in a wide range of beautiful Japanese tableware. This has led to the creation of a wide range of beautiful Japanese tableware. The Japanese, who are very particular about their rituals, do not ignore bento boxes, and when choosing their beautiful bento boxes, they generally consider these five points.

The appearance of the bento box
The aesthetics of the box are of course paramount. How can you concentrate on your work when you are woken up from sleep by the alarm clock and start your day with a beautiful lunch box waiting for you? After a long morning’s work, how can you work in the afternoon without an ugly lunchbox to spoil your mood?

The capacity of the lunch box
The large capacity is not only because some people have a lot of food, but also because there is enough space to arrange the food in a nice way, which is a must for cooking enthusiasts.

Separation of bento boxes
A proper divider will prevent the rice from soaking in the soup and becoming unpalatable.

Can bento boxes be used in the microwave dishwasher?
Nowadays, many offices have microwave ovens that can be used to heat up the bento box to make it taste better. If the bento box cannot be heated, you will have to wait for the oven, so this is very important.

Environmentally friendly bento boxes
The Japanese don’t need to tell you how environmentally friendly they are, just look at how carefully they sort their rubbish and you can see how environmentally friendly they are.

In fact, the lunch box is not just for taking food to work, sometimes at home on weekends, we can put the food in the box first after it is done, and then cook it once a day, and when the meal time comes, everyone will come to the lunch box to heat it up, which is convenient and efficient. It’s convenient and efficient, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space in the fridge. As for how to choose a beautiful bento box, it is important to look at whether it meets your needs or not. Everyone in our family uses a different lunchbox. The size of the meal, the material, the purpose, the environment and the personal eating habits are all factors to consider.

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