What Are The Differences In Lunch Box Materials?

Nowadays, you can see fast food restaurants everywhere in many streets and alleys, and most of the food in these fast-food restaurants can be taken away. With the improvement of people’s environmental awareness and the importance of their own health, many businesses choose to use the new environmentally friendly lunch box as the packaging box. Then, what is the difference between the new environmentally friendly lunch box and the traditional lunch box?

The performance of the new environmentally friendly lunch box and the traditional lunch box

Modern people are busy with work and study every day, and generally need to stay up late to work overtime, and the frequency of ordering takeout is relatively high. The price of these advanced environmentally friendly lunch boxes is also more expensive than ordinary lunch boxes. The main reason is that the new environmentally friendly lunch box has better heat resistance. Compared with the traditional lunch box, it is easy to melt or chemically react when it encounters hot blanching, which is not good for people’s health. Most of the new environmentally-friendly lunch boxes can hold soup products without deformation or side leakage. The tightness is better.

Eco-friendly lunch boxes are used more in different consumer groups, and they are more convenient to carry when travelling outdoors. Modern lunch boxes are also more attractive to users in terms of styles and shapes. There will be a good partition inside, even if cold dishes and hot dishes are placed in the same lunch box, there is no problem. This is also the uniqueness of the modern new environmentally friendly lunch box design.

Most people living in cities are accustomed to the fast-paced life. It is already a daily necessity to put food in a microwave oven and heat it quickly. Most traditional lunch boxes cannot be used in a microwave oven, because they are easy to melt or deform.

The appearance and particularity of the new environmentally friendly lunch box

The new environmentally friendly lunch box also pursues simplicity and elegance in appearance. If we want to send our delicious food to the surrounding people, the exquisite packaging of the food can indeed increase the appetite of the consumers.

This new type of environmentally friendly lunch box has a certain degree of particularity, with excellent anti-extrusion effect and fresh-keeping effect. Fruits can be carried inside. It is already a daily necessity for many office workers and student groups.

Fresh-keeping boxes are often only preliminary for storing food and sealing and do not have the isolation conditions for environmentally friendly lunch boxes for meals and soups. If confused, it may increase the difficulty of cleaning.

With people’s pursuit of low-carbon life, many people have joined in advocating environmental protection themes. Use more degradable tableware. Most environmentally friendly lunch boxes can well carry out secondary resource regeneration. And the production process also saves resources, for example, fibre from herb plants is used as the main raw material.

When friends are gathering, using this environmentally friendly lunch box can effectively prevent the spread of diseases. And the exquisite style is not inferior to the traditional tableware.

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