Say Goodbye To Take-out Starting With A Good Bento Lunch Box

I don’t know what to eat for lunch or dinner. Most office workers live a similar life every day, sitting in a tall office building near a handful of tired restaurants and convenience stores. If you order takeout, which is not to mention whether the food is fitting, delivered on time, and served in sufficient portions, the hygiene standards alone are worrying enough, which is just a matter of convenience. But it’s not a waste of time to prepare your own lunch. Bento is convenient, hygienic, and can make whatever you want. Those who say they are lazy, probably because they don’t have beautiful bento boxes yet.

Bento case functions

The choice of bento case features depends on your environment. If you don’t have the tools to keep fresh and heat, it’s a good idea to buy an insulated bento case. If you have a microwave or something like that, you can buy a microwavable lunch box, because hot food is better than cold food. Electric bento cases are not widely used. They will take a long time in heating, and uneven heating, and if you want to clean them, you will find it is inconvenient. Bento case functions are as follows:

1. Can be heated by microwave.

2. With thermal insulation function.

3. Its own with plug-in heating.

Bento case selection

1. Tightness

Bento cases need to be taken away often, so tightness is especially important. But the tightness can only be checked after buying home. Add water to an insulated lunch box, close the lid and shake or turn it upside down for a minute or two to see if water seeps through.

2. Thermal insulation

Pour hot water into the insulated lunch box and close the lid. After 3-5 minutes, touch the surface of the lunch box with your hand. If you feel that the surface becomes obviously hot, it indicates that the insulation performance of the lunch box is not good.

3. Capacity and weight

You can choose according to your situation.

4. Separation layer

Bento cases with compartments can separate the flavors of different foods, making them fresher than single-layer ones.

We are a high-tech enterprise focusing on the manufacture, design and sales of bento cases, sealed cups, cool bags, tableware and other household products. The whole series of products have passed the food grade certification of international authoritative testing institutions. Welcome to order our bento cases products online!

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