Why Is It Right To Choose Rice Husk Fiber Lunch Box?

With the rice husk fiber lunch box, bacteria and mold have nowhere to hide, and protect the health of your family! In fact, the rice husk contains a lot of fiber and has strong antibacterial properties, which is why it can protect the rice from being corroded by microorganisms, moth-eaten, moldy, and difficult to hide bacteria in hot and humid paddy fields.

Our life is inseparable from the bento box

Bento boxes are a necessity in our daily life, affecting our quality of life and health. The ideal lunch box should not only have the advantages of beautiful appearance and durability, but also pay attention to food safety, health and environmental protection. Traditional lunch boxes are mainly made of ceramics, glass and other materials with high safety, but they have the disadvantage of being easily damaged.

The advantages of rice husk fiber lunch box

However, the plastic lunch boxes and melamine lunch boxes used in modern times may volatilize toxic substances under high temperature conditions, and they cannot be degraded after being discarded, which brings a heavy burden to the earth. While calling for the protection of the natural environment, through continuous research, development and innovation, Cncrown uses natural rice husks as raw materials to produce a healthy, environmentally friendly and reusable natural plant fiber lunch box – Cncrown Rice Husk Fiber Lunch Box.

At the same time, the product has a high material density, which is not easy to hide bacteria, and can be naturally degraded in an outdoor environment after being discarded. It is an ideal substitute for traditional plastic lunch boxes and a revolutionary new generation of environmentally friendly products!

Cncrown has a professional design team that can provide our partners with overall support from design concept to product design and packaging design. Every product is filled with the ingenuity of our designers based on a deep understanding of consumer needs. As an environmentally friendly lunch box, the Kronen rice husk fiber lunch box contains natural rice husk fiber, which is environmentally friendly and degradable; using food contact grade materials, all the lunch boxes we produce are safe and healthy; the surface is natural rice husk wax, which is resistant to mold and is easy to clean.

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