The 4 Most Popular Bento Boxes in Japan

Bento boxes are one of the unique items in Japan, and they are also great as gifts for family and friends. Look for places to sell in department stores and commercial streets. Now, let’s take a look at several types of bento boxes commonly found in Japan with Cncrown.

Plastic bento lunch boxes

The most common are plastic bento boxes, which come in a variety of designs and colors. The characteristics are cheap, light, and most of them can be used in microwave ovens. Plastic bento boxes basically have a sealed lid, so even food with soup will not leak out, making it easy to carry. There are many plastic lunch boxes for children in Japan. They have cute colors and illustrations, the lids are easy to open, and the design is very thoughtful. It is also very important that they do not contain harmful substances such as BPA. Dishwasher cleaning is also a welcome advantage. . If you want to try making bentos for kids, choosing a plastic bento box is a good start.

Bentwood bento boxes

The bento bento box is a traditional Japanese handicraft, full of high-end quality, and the price is definitely higher than other bento boxes, but its excellent function will make up for the price gap. Since the wood absorbs excess moisture from the rice, meals are delicious even when cold. In addition, it also has the function of preventing food spoilage in summer and clumping in winter. The fact that you can feel the fragrance of wood is the most attractive, but bento wood coated bento boxes do not have such a function. For such a traditional bento box, it must be carefully cleaned and used after it is completely dry, which is indeed time-consuming and labor-intensive to use. However, as long as it is used properly, it can be used for a long time.

Aluminum lunch boxes

The aluminum bento box is a nostalgic and minimalist style. It used to be very popular, but now its popularity has declined. The advantage is that it is strong, easy to remove oil and smell, and the disadvantage is that there are fewer types and designs, and most of them have no partitions. Some bento boxes have lids that come off easily. Therefore, it is recommended to put it in a bento bag, or wrap it in a square-shaped cloth like a “bursa” to prevent the soup from leaking out.

Anyone who has used an aluminum bento box must have had the experience that rice sticks to the inside of the bento box and cannot be scraped off with chopsticks. This can be prevented if the rice is made into onigiri.

Bento buckets

In several Asian countries such as India and Thailand, a bento box called a “bento bucket” is often used. The lunch box is a lunch box with a large cylindrical container divided into 3 to 5 layers, and the lid is tightly sealed with a tension clamp. Since it is basically made of stainless steel, it has the advantages of being sturdy, hard to smell, and easy to clean. Because the bento bucket is large and heavy, it is not suitable for children who already need to carry a lot of things as a bento box, but because it can carry many kinds of food, it is very suitable for outings or parties.

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