How To Use Lunch Boxes Properly?

How to use the bento box correctly? Bento boxes are also called bento boxes, bento box carrieres, bento box carrieres, etc. bento box carrieres are divided into three types: one is plastic bento box carrier: made of resin material, the general temperature resistance range: the highest temperature is 120 ℃, the lowest temperature is -20 ℃; the other is tempered glass bento box carrier: ordinary glass tempered; The first is a heat-resistant glass bento box carrier, which is made of high borosilicate glass material.

As consumers pay more and more attention to health, people pay attention to whether the materials used in the hot bento box carrier are healthy, hygienic and safe materials, and are harmless to the human body, such as PC materials, PE materials and PP materials, which are more common now. The bento box material is PP material.

Different shapes store different things and are more convenient to use. In addition to the common squares, rectangles, and circles, there are also suits designed for picnics, which make life easier and more convenient.

Square bento box carrier

The square bento box has excellent sealing performance, suitable for storing food and preventing odor from the refrigerator. It is suitable for storing various seasonings, leftover food, leftover cans, fruits, vegetables, etc. It is easy to store in refrigerators, freezers, and can also be used for microwave heating.

Rectangular bento box

Suitable for storing bacon and meat food. Thanks to the catch plate, it is easy to store food with moisture. The large-capacity rectangular bento box is suitable for preserving fruits, vegetables, seafood, etc.

Round bento box carrier

It is suitable for long-term storage of various condiments, canned fruits, grains, nuts, tea and other foods, and is easy to use in refrigerators, freezers, and microwave ovens. The oval design is suitable for storing beverages, children’s milk and various grains, nuts and teas, etc. when traveling in the wild.

Tall bento box carrier

It is suitable for storing long-shaped food such as noodles and cucumbers. Since the height dimension of the high-tube bento box carrier is higher than that of the general bento box carrier, the processing technology requires high mold size and mold removal, so the high-tube bento box carrier can be produced on the market. There are not many manufacturers and relatively few products.

In terms of research and development of good bento bento box carrieres, CNCROWN adheres to the spirit of innovation and excellence, and has developed a variety of environmentally friendly products such as food-grade PP, rice husk fiber, natural bamboo, and 100% degradable PLA. In the use of shapes and colors, our bento boxes keep up with fashion trends, and we have our own ideas to gain insight into market trends and consumer needs. There are various types of exquisite bento lunches, such as plastic hot bento box carrieres and natural bamboo-topped bento box carrieres. They can meet the individual needs of different countries, different ages, and different consumers. You are welcome to order our products online!

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