How Long is the Service Life of PP Bento Box Carrier?

PP material bento box carrier itself is non-toxic. Physical and chemical properties are suitable for tableware, so there are a lot of children in the use of PP material bento box carrier. So do you know how long the service life of PP material bento box carrier? Here’s Cncrown for you.

Children’s bento box become a landscape of the school, and children bring their own meals for the sake of cleanliness. Cncrown found that many children use bento boxes made of PP. Is it good to use bento boxes made of PP? How long is the service life of bento boxes made of PP?

What is PP material bento box carrier

In order to solve the truth of the PP material of the service life of the children’s bento boxes, Cncrown will take you to know the first what is the PP material. PP plastic, polypropylene, which is tasteless, non-toxic, and commonly used for lunch boxes, cups, tableware, etc. PP material bento box can resistant to high temperature 120 degrees, and resistant to low temperature 20 degrees below zero. PP plastic box is the only one which can fit into a microwave oven.

PP material bento box service life

It can be seen that children’s long-term use of PP material healthy bento box is harmless to human health. But PP material bento box also has a service life. Good plastic bento boxes last between 2-3 years. But plastic is aging, if the long-term use of PP material bento boxes, it is recommended that you replace it once a year. Even if it is not broken, you need to replace it to ensure health.

Warm tip: For some bento boxes, the box body is made of good material PP, but the lid may be made of the worse material. To open the lid for heating can avoid the release of toxic substances in the lid by heat. Please remember that.

We hope the above contents will help you. We all want to know what material is the safest for children’s bento boxes. Xiamen Create Living Co.,Ltd., founded in 2001, is a high-tech bento box company and bento box manufacturer specializing in the production, design and sale of bento lunch boxes, sealed cups, lunch bags, tableware and other household products. The company covers an area of 20,000 square meters. As a mature bento box manufacturer, we produce more than $15 million annually by selling more than 10 million lunch boxes to more than 30 countries and regions in Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea. If you do not know about bento boxes, you can consult our customer service online, we will provide you with good quality service!

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