Large capacity leak-proof lunch box on it

In order to get fit and lose fat and eat healthier, I have been bringing my own lunch on weekdays. The weekly process of planning a weekday lunch menu, sourcing ingredients and scheduling is a ritual and a serious pleasure to live by. Of course, a good lunch box is essential to the fun of lunch.

A well-sealed, watertight lunch box

Of course, even if a lunch box has a good seal, it is not recommended to fill it with a box full of soup. If you need to bring real soup, we recommend using the soup cups in the set.

Large capacity, light weight lunch box

The rule of thumb in the bento box world is to buy big, not small. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit, it’s the fact that it doesn’t fit that’s a big problem. If you use a small lunch box, you won’t have enough to eat at lunchtime and you’ll be craving for snacks in the afternoon. When you’re so hungry that you lose your mind, the motto of low oil, low fat and less sugar is thrown out of the window and you eat whatever is in front of you. If you eat healthy at lunch, you’ll crash in the afternoon for nothing. So, after years of struggling with weight loss and rebounding, I learned the hard way that weight loss is not about not eating enough, it’s about eating enough and eating well. Then you might really need a large lunch box, filled with healthy and nutritious food to feed your stomach and your cravings at the same time. The portable bento box has a large capacity but weighs nothing to carry around, so it’s as light as a feather. The capacity is larger than other lunch boxes, but the weight is lighter than other lunch boxes, so it is easy to carry around and reduces the load.

Natural and eco-friendly material, non-toxic and easy to clean

The Healthy bento box is made from natural cereal fibres and is BPA-free, making it safe and risk-free. In the process of pressing the cereal hulls, a natural cereal wax is formed, which is equivalent to a natural protective layer covering the surface of the bento box, making it slippery to the touch and eliminating the possibility of mould. Grain fibre was previously used for chopping boards and cutlery, so although it is a new material, the manufacturing technology is already well established. Compared to cutting boards made from cereal husk fibre which can cost two to three hundred dollars, bento boxes are more environmentally friendly as the material is naturally biodegradable and can even be recycled.

Because of the presence of cereal wax, the healthy bento box is covered with a protective film, so the surface is smooth and effortless to clean, using a dishwashing sponge dipped in a little dishwashing liquid and rinsed under running water. A microwaveable lunch box is a must-have quality, with an impressive capacity of 3-4 minutes on a medium heat to heat through the food.

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