How To Improve The Insulation Effect Of Lunch Bags?

A good midday work meal can be ruined by a lot of things, like long lines in front of the microwave, like an otherwise delicious meal that tastes bad after reheating, and those bad experiences can be gone after you get a heated bento box. The heated bento box was born after studying the way office workers eat. After using the multifunctional breakfast machine to keep office workers full of energy all morning, the embarrassment and entanglement of lunch will soon be resolved. The heated lunch box is small in size and can be placed in any corner of the desk, pantry, and meeting room. It can be plugged in and available without affecting the office environment at all, and there is no need to wait in line for hot meals.

The working principle of the heated lunch box

The personalized lunch box adopts double-layer sealing technology inside and outside, and the high sealing performance makes the meal not easy to spill. The bento box adopts the water-free heating technology. The built-in electric heating wire is heated from bottom to top, and the 360° hot air circulation makes the ingredients in the box evenly heated. The heating method solves the problem of high humidity and poor taste after the traditional steam lunch box is heated. The problem. Coupled with its innovative 70°C constant temperature heating method, the lunch box will enter the constant temperature mode when heated to 70°C. The clever 70°C can retain the original taste of the ingredients and is a suitable temperature to lock in the nutrition of the food. Another advantage of this new product is that it has achieved real non-perceptual work, and it operates silently throughout the whole process, without emitting the smell of food, allowing you to finish the meal quietly.

Appearance design of heating lunch box

Appearance is the main factor when women choose products today. In the past, functional products ignored the pleasure brought by appearance design to users, but creative bento box manufacturers thought of this problem at the beginning of research and development. The heated lunch box has a variety of colors, and the surface of the lunch box is made of ABS and silicone materials. No matter the color, feel or appearance, it makes people’s eyes shine, and many users’ eyeballs have been captured.

In addition, the manufacturer has also designed a black technology such as a magnetic connector, which does not need to be plugged and unplugged when powering on. The power interface can be absorbed by a touch, so that a box of lunches can be wrapped in a sci-fi style in an instant. Coupled with the status display of the whole body can be washed with water and breathing lights, a strong sense of technology is blowing. A small box, full of so many thoughtful designs, full of sincerity shows the manufacturer’s intentions to the product this time. It is believed that the heated bento box will lead a new wave of bringing meals in the white-collar circle.

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