How To Choose A Right Bento Box

The materials and styles of lunch boxes on the market are dazzling and dazzling, and it is also a big difficulty in choosing. Not being able to choose a suitable high-quality lunch box makes life more inconvenient, and also turns the beauty of bringing a lunch box into a tragedy. Which type of lunch box is right for you? In fact, as long as you pass the following 6 questions, you can easily choose the most suitable lunch box!

Choose a lunch box from your eating habits

Compared with Japan’s light eating habits of carrying cold bento, most people’s eating habits are more oily and salty, so most people still prefer to eat hot bento. If you are used to eating hot food, you should pay attention to the fact that Japanese koji and wooden lunch boxes cannot be heated.

The heating method of the lunch box

If you like to eat hot bento, then here we have to ask how to heat bento? Generally, school lunch boxes are heated by centralized and unified steam. In the company, there is a microwave oven for use, which is fast and convenient. However, it should be noted here that lunch boxes made of stainless steel, aluminum, and enamel cannot be heated in a microwave oven. Putting metal products in a microwave oven will cause indiscriminate microwave radiation, sparks, and even the danger of explosion. Although the enamel material can be heated by direct fire, the enamel cannot withstand short-term heating, and there is a danger of explosion. Glass and plastic lunch boxes should also be paid attention to. The plastic cover must be removed before putting it in the microwave for heating.

The convenience of carrying a lunch box

Carrying a lunch box will inevitably feel space-consuming and bulky, but you can increase the convenience from the choice of materials! CNCROWN’s chaff fiber lunch boxes and plastic lunch boxes are light in weight and relatively easy to carry. Although glass and ceramic lunch boxes can be heated in a microwave oven, they are heavy, and because the materials are fragile, it will be inconvenient to carry on commuting.

The users of the lunch box

If it is carried by an office worker, you can basically choose according to personal preference, but if you are someone who is easy to break things, fragile materials such as glass, ceramics and enamel may not be suitable. If you buy it for children, the glass material needs to be removed to heat it because the top cover is plastic, so it is not suitable to be put into the steamer. In addition, a break can also cause the child to be cut by sharp fragments.

Cooking taste to choose lunch box

Everyone’s eating habits are different, some people prefer heavy oil and salty, and some people prefer fresh water. If you are a person who likes heavy flavors, or likes sauced or greasy food, there is one material that must be avoided, and that is silicone! Although silica gel can be steamed, microwaved, and very light in weight, its fatal problem is that it is easy to absorb flavors. If you bring sweet and sour pork ribs or tomato scrambled eggs today, it will stain in addition to the residual taste.

Is the lunch box easy to clean at any time?

The last question is, is the environment easy to clean at any time? After eating in the company, there is usually a public sink and dishwashing liquid that can clean high-quality lunch boxes immediately. However, after school, we have to take a lunch break and come back to class, which is not convenient for immediate cleaning and can only be taken home for disposal. If you are not convenient for instant cleaning, the silicone just mentioned is also not suitable for you. The smell of food will gradually be absorbed by the silica gel over time. Wait until you go home at night and then open it for cleaning. It is very difficult to remove the unbearable food and oil consumption. The wooden lunch box itself contains many pores, which will accumulate moisture, bacteria and dirt, and it is quite easy to mold, so it needs to be washed immediately after eating and kept dry.

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