What Can Humanized Heated Bento Boxes Solve For Us

Workers want to refuse take-out every day. After all, take-out is not healthy enough, but it will be very troublesome to bring your own DIY bento to work when it comes to hot meals. During hot meal time, the microwave oven in the office pantry is more popular than the tea restaurant. You need to queue up for hot meals, so choose the rice cooker Or the ordinary steam lunch box, the operation is very cumbersome, I think it is better to order takeout! Fortunately, there is an “artifact” that solves the problem of hot meals in the office – a heated lunch box. Today, let’s take a look at this “treasure” bento box.

The function of heated bento box

With the brand concept of “enjoy life”, the manufacturer has launched many new and exquisite small appliances, which are very popular among young people. The function of this heated lunch box is also quite user-friendly. It adopts integrated heating. The lunch box has a simple structure and is not cumbersome to operate. It can be heated immediately when plugged in, and it can be started at any time.

The lunch box is heated at the same time with a heating wire at the bottom, which can be heated by 360° hot air circulation, so that the meals in the box can be heated evenly from top to bottom. Destroy the taste and nutrition of the food, so the heated food is more suitable for the health of the human esophagus! Moreover, low-temperature heating will not emit the aroma of rice, and it is silent during operation, making no sound, and you will not worry about disturbing others when you heat rice.

The design of heated bento box

In addition to the user-friendly functions of the plug in lunch box heater, the design of the bento box is also very user-friendly. The whole body can be washed with water, so there is no need to worry about cleaning it. The material is relatively stain-resistant. The food-grade liner will not hang on oil. If you put greasy ingredients, you don’t have to worry about being difficult to clean. Usually, you only need to rinse a few times. The lunch box is clean!

The details can better show the quality, and the details of the heated bento box are also very careful. The double-layer sealing strip design makes the inner layer more airtight, and the magnetic buttons can also firmly fix the outer layer, so that the bento box can be 360°. You don’t have to worry about the food spilling when you flip it, and you can safely put it in your bag and carry it! The deepened liner can put more ingredients, and the movable partition can classify and place different ingredients, which not only does not taint the smell, but also doubles the appearance of the lunch box. What is even better is that there is a color-displayed operation status of the breathing light.

The appearance of the heated bento box

As an internet celebrity bento box, the heated bento box has a very high appearance. The warm oval box body has a great sense of design, and it can also be placed on a partition board to make the meal look more delicate and attractive! After using this heated bento box, every day’s meals have a taste of ins wind, full of high-end feeling, and more fragrant to eat.

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