Health Preferred Lunch Box – Made In CN CROWN

Hot weather and no appetite for greasy takeout? Want a healthy fat-reducing meal to get rid of your belly? It’s better to do it yourself, make a healthy meal with low salt and less oil, and enjoy your own relaxing time. However, if a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. If there is no high-value bento box, how can there be motivation to bring your meals?

CNCROWN rice husk fiber lunch box

The CNCROWN rice husk fiber lunch box has a high value. The Nordic style design is simple and generous, with smooth lines, fresh and natural, and it is practical, beautiful and high-quality. With a capacity of 1100ml, anyone can eat just enough. The biggest highlight and advantage is its selection. The main body of the lunch box is made of natural chaff fine fiber. There are many beneficial ingredients in grain fiber food, which can not only help eliminate harmful substances and wastes in the body, but also lose weight. The unique texture also allows the lunch box to absorb part of the oil and moisture of the meal. Keep the rice elastic. This material can also be naturally degraded, recycled and reused, and it is BPA-free, and it is absolutely reassuring to contact with food. During the pressing process of chaff, natural chaff wax is formed, which is equivalent to the natural protective layer of the lunch box, which protects the lunch box from mold.


CNCROWN’s rice husk fiber lunch box is thoughtfully and ingeniously designed, with a divider in the middle of the lunch box to separate dishes, etc. There are silicone ventilation holes on the bento cover. In the past, when we heated bento boxes, the lids often could not be opened, so this bento box specially added a ventilation hole design. Open the ventilation holes before heating, so you don’t have to worry about the lunch being locked and in a hurry. The straps are designed to double reinforce the seal. Of course, it also increases the value of the lunch box.


CNCROWN biodegradable drink bottles

The CNCROWN lunch box also has a 360ML biodegradable drink bottle. The water cup is also made of grain fiber. Its function is not only to hold soup, but also to carry coffee and fruit. The plastic ring seal design, so there is no need to worry about pouring sprinkle. There is also a set of forks and spoons, which are very cute and easy to use. It includes a storage box to ensure hygiene.


CNCROWN’s bento box bag

A bento box bag is also a must. The CNCROWN bento box bag looks simple and elegant. Taking it out during the lunch break is really a sight. A good bento box can arouse interest in making bento.

Everyone who lives seriously deserves this high-value bento box from CNCROWN. The sense of ritual and happiness of bringing meals in happy hours must not be annihilated by a bento box. Isn’t eating just for the mood? Taste the food made by yourself and put it in the super beautiful bento box, no matter how bad you were before, it will get better.

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