How Does The Waterless Electric Lunchbox Work?

The electric lunch box is very convenient when it is used. Whether it is at work or reading, as long as there is electricity, you can eat fresh meals. So, how does an anhydrous electric lunch box work? What is the specific working principle? Here are some relevant knowledge.

The working principle of the non-water and electric bento box

An electric lunch box is simply a lunch box that can be heated and kept warm. The electric bento box is made of PTC heating components at the bottom and high-temperature new-generation environmentally friendly materials. It can be heated by plugging in the power source. It is based on the heat preservation lunch box plus TC heating components, so that it has a heating function.

The advantages of the non-water and electric bento box

The Cncrown water-free lunch box has a simple and beautiful appearance, simple operation, a constant temperature of 75 ℃, no water injection, 25 minutes of rapid heating of fresh rice. It uses a separate power cord, which is convenient to use, avoids the problem of water leakage, and is more convenient to store.

The inner container of the bento box is ceramic coating, which is not easy to be stained with oil, and can be cleaned by simple scrubbing. It can save us a lot of time in daily life.

No matter what you want to eat, as long as you prepare your meals in the morning, the Cncrown’s water-free bento box will allow you to enjoy a sumptuous lunch in the noon. Heat up while you work, and you can eat delicious meals after get off work, just like the taste when you just got out of the pot. With it, you don’t have to line up in front of a crowded microwave oven, and you can easily take care of the work in front of you. It is very small, so it can be placed in its own office. It has no noise when it is heated, does not emit a smell, and does not affect the people around it at all.

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