Self-Heating Bento Box Buying Guide

Due to the impact of the epidemic, people began to pay attention to eating out. So, many people chose to bring their own food to the company after returning to work, which also stimulated the sales growth of self heating bento boxes.

Although the self heating bento box cannot heat up the food in a few minutes like a microwave oven, most of the self heating bento box heats the food with water vapor. They will not destroy the molecular structure of the food and will retain the original nutrients.

The material of the self heating bento box

Ceramics, plastics and stainless steel are widely used in the inner pots of self heating bento boxes on the market. The ceramic lining has stable chemical properties, no need to worry about heavy metals, rust and aging, and a certain degree of corrosion resistance, making it easier to clean. The stainless steel inner tank is not easy to rust and is not afraid of bumps.

The outer shell of the self heating bento box is generally made of plastic material. It should be made of food-grade PP material. It is best to be able to withstand high temperature and anti-scalding. Then, one should check whether the sealing is good before use, otherwise the food will leak and smell.

It is generally recommended that when choosing food-contact containers, you should pay attention to the damage resistance and high temperature resistance of the self heating lunch box material, and whether it meets FDA food safety certification and RoHS environmental protection requirements.

The practicality of the self heating bento box

The higher practicality is mainly reflected in the self heating bento box’s volume, sealing ability, easy cleaning and heating uniformity. When you buy a self heating bento box product, it is best to test the performance of the self heating bento box through a trial, so as to ensure that the self heating bento box you buy home has a higher practicability.

Brand of self heating bento box

The self heating bento box needs to be heated before it can be used. If harmful chemicals in the material, such as plasticizers, and volatile organic compounds in the sealing silica gel, dissolve during use and release into the food, the consequences will be disastrous. Therefore, when we buy self heating bento boxes, try not to choose some unknown small brands. The products produced by large-brand enterprises will be more guaranteed in quality and after-sales.

It can be seen that when purchasing a self heating bento box, you need to consider the brand, material and practicality of the self heating bento box. There are many brands of self heating bento boxes on the market with different quality and craftsmanship. It is recommended that you choose appropriately according to your actual needs.

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