CN CROWN Lunch Containers Are A Must For Back-To-School

The summer heat has not yet dissipated, but it seemingly gone for long summer vacation.It is time for student groups return to the campus again to accompany with the book mountains and seas of learning, which also bring the school shopping season. In the latest consumer market survey for the first school season, the sudden emergence of CNCrown environmentally friendly lunch boxes has aroused widespread social concern.

Mobile phones, tablets, computers…the three student stuff can only be enjoyed moderately by traditional college students. It is actually unrealistic for freshmen who still need to struggle. Then what is left? The bedding provided by the school, the clothes must wear school uniforms, the personal supplies are arranged by the parents, and is there any other interesting things… Therefore, the list of school items covering all aspects of clothing, housing, and transportation, only the “food” link is left. Perhaps it is the important basis for the CNCrown environmentally friendly lunch box to shine. It is reported that the biggest reason why CNCrown was selected as an artifact of the beginning of the school season in the intention of the student group is to lead a trend of fashion and practicality in the campus dining culture.

Specifically, the so-called fashion means that CNCrown breaks the inherent constraints of traditional lunch box products in appearance and conceptual design. Based on the ideological and behavioral wishes of younger users, it pursues more personalized, aesthetic, and trendy appearance. Turning those lifeless square boxes into a popular accessory that can show self-expression; and the so-called practicality also fully complies with the special needs of younger users. The food is packed, the lunch box is carried, the food is kept fresh and heated. The basic functions such as refrigeration, cleaning and preservation have been fully upgraded on the basis of simplicity, allowing many student groups to enjoy the dining experience of “the lunch box in hand, the world I have”, so it is highly sought after.

On the other hand, only the simple appearance design and functional experience, CNCrown is not enough to achieve a true social focus. After all, as the direct payer of the cost-the parent group pays more attention to the safety and health on their children during the dining process. And in fact, as a leading representative brand with the most long-term development experience in China, CNCrown’s scientific research results and applications in the zero-hazard selection of raw materials, aseptic and harmless processing, heating and refrigeration evaluation, and ergonomics The results are in a leading position in the domestic and even international industry. Therefore, company with such an environmentally friendly lunch box brand that represents the concept of health and happiness, students like and parents can rest assured. It is also well-deserved in the list of essential artifacts for the beginning of the school season.

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