Rice Husk Fiber Lunch Box: Leading the New Era of Meal

Rice husk fiber lunch box material is healthier

This kind of rice husk fiber lunch box is really good. It is very popular recently, and many brands are producing it. First of all, its color is very flattering, very light brown and fibrous granular texture. It reminds people of land, nature and malt, and people can feel it very healthy. Moreover, in fact, the grain fiber material is indeed very healthy. It is completely hot pressed from rice husk powder. There is no use of any additives in the production process. It is safe, hygienic and environmentally friendly. It can not be used to put food.

Design of rice husk fiber lunch box

This cereal fiber lunch box is exquisitely designed with fork and spoon; There are radiating holes for heating in microwave oven; It is also very considerate to give the bandage to increase the tightness of the lunch box. It’s really good to bring rice and hot rice.

This bento box carrier has a high appearance value and suitable capacity. It has round corner design and simple lines. With a capacity of 1000ml, anyone can eat just enough. The biggest highlight and advantage is its material. The main body of the bento box carrier adopts natural chaff fine fiber. This is a great material, which can be naturally degraded and recycled. It does not contain BPA, and it is absolutely reassuring to come into contact with food.

In the process of pressing, the chaff will also form natural chaff wax, which is equivalent to that the bento box carrier has a natural protective layer to protect the bento box carrier from mildew. The design of the bento box carrier is intimate and ingenious. The bento box carrier is equipped with two partitions to separate vegetables and rice. There are silica gel air holes on the Bento cover. In the past, when we heated the Bento, the cover often couldn’t be opened. Therefore, this rice husk fiber lunch box specially has added a vent design. If you open the vent before heating, you don’t have to worry about the lunch being locked.

Of course, the lunch bags are also essential. The lunch bags look simple and generous. Taking it out during the lunch break is really a scenic spot. A good bento box carrier can arouse the interest of making Bento.

This is really a set of bento box carrier that you will like more and more. No matter what kind of food, as long as you put it in, it seems to be more delicious. The simple and natural grain fiber material makes the appearance and color appear simple, popular, and safer to use. The design is considerate and the accessories are complete. If you’ve tried different bento box carriers and still haven’t found one that makes you dissatisfied, Create rice husk fiber lunch box may bring you not only surprise, but also health.

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